Credit Union Ticket Special Pricing for Members and Non-members:

Available beginning June 1, 2018

 Regular PriceCredit Union Price
Credit Union Price

Credit Union Retiree member
General Admission 4 Day Package$60$30$20FREE* Four ticket max
General Admission Single Day$20$10$5FREE* Four ticket max
Clubhouse Pass 4 Day Package$90$45$25$15
Clubhouse Pass Single Day$30$15$10$5

Tickets can be purchased at the following credit union branches in the Rochester area:

LocationCredit UnionAddress
BrightonThe Summit Federal Credit Union1660 Monroe Ave
BrockportReliant Community Credit UnionWalmart Supercenter, 6265 Brockport Spencerport Rd
CanandaiguaReliant Community Credit Union3255 County Rd 10
ChiliSt. Pius X Federal Credit Union2998 Chili Ave
E. Rochester  Family First Federal Credit Union375 Fairport Rd
GatesAdvantage Federal Credit Union1975 Buffalo Rd
GenevaReliant Community Credit UnionWalmart Supercenter, 990 Rt 5 & 20
GreeceThe Summit Federal Credit UnionCanal Ponds Business Park, 100 Marina Dr
HenriettaAdvantage Federal Credit UnionRochester Institute of Technology, Global Village, 6000 Reynolds Dr
HenriettaFamily First Federal Credit Union1225 Jefferson Rd
HenriettaReliant Community Credit UnionWalmart Supercenter, 1200 Marketplace Dr
HenriettaThe Summit Federal Credit Union2087 E. Henrietta Road
HiltonThe Summit Federal Credit Union41 Hovey Sq 
IrondequoitReliant Community Credit Union625 Titus Ave
IrondequoitThe Summit Federal Credit Union2121 Hudson Ave
IrondequoitUkrainian Federal Credit Union824 E. Ridge Rd
MacedonReliant Community Credit Union1520 Victor Rd
NewarkReliant Community Credit Union205 N. Main St
PenfieldAdvantage Federal Credit Union2515 Browncroft Blvd
PenfieldFamily First Federal Credit Union2520 Browncroft Blvd
PenfieldThe Summit Federal Credit Union2146 Penfield Rd
PerintonThe Summit Federal Credit Union665 Moseley Rd
PittsfordPittsford Federal Credit Union20 Tobey Village Rd
RochesterUniversity of Rochester Medical Center1625 Mt. Hope Ave
RochesterAdvantage Federal Credit Union225 W. Broad St
RochesterAdvantage Federal Credit UnionHighland Hospital, 1000 South  Ave
RochesterAdvantage Federal Credit UnionRochester General Hospital, Parnell Bldg Suite G-08, 1425 Portland Ave
RochesterAdvantage Federal Credit UnionUofR Medical Center, 260 Crittenden Blvd, Suite G-6010
RochesterThe Summit Federal Credit Union2315 East Main St
SodusReliant Community Credit Union10 Benton Pl
WebsterFamily First Federal Credit Union850 Ridge Rd
WebsterReliant Community Credit Union870 Holt Road
WebsterUkrainian Federal Credit UnionWegmans Plaza Unit 4, 900 Holt Road