The following are brief descriptions of the volunteer committees available for the 2016 Danielle Downey Classic and are listed to assist you in volunteering for an appropriate position. If you have a specific skill or experience set, please list in the comments section of the volunteer form.


  • Cart Driver/Scorer: Responsible for the unofficial scores and statistics for each of the 3 players in their group. This will be reported via a radio after every hole. Scoring accuracy is very important.
    Requirements: Drive cart (driver’s license required), knowledge of golf etiquette and terminology, some walking, radio communication & adherence to protocol
  • Real-Time ScoringResponsible for collecting unofficial scores/statistics for posting to the Tour’s website and for assisting with communication to the Tour Rules Officials. Take radio calls from the cart drivers who will call in a group’s scores after every completed hole. There are 2 roles: Radio Operator and Computer Operator.
    Requirements: Sitting position, good communications skills, dexterity and basic computer knowledge
  • Track Board & Leader BoardsReceive scores via a PDA/iPad, verify scorecards from the Tour staff, post scores on the Scoreboard and continually update the Main or On-Course Leaderboards.
    Requirements: Sit/stand and some spots climb a ladder to change scores on course
  • Scoring Tent:  Verify each scorecard in the Scoring Tent after the player has completed their round.
    Requirements: Golf knowledge & meticulous attention to procedure, use of calculator, direct player interaction
  • Scorecard Runner: Transport verified and signed scorecards from the Scoring tent to the Tour Officials.
    Requirements: significant amount of walking
  • Standard Bearer: SATURDAY & SUNDAY Only. Walk the course and carry a standard-bearer sign which includes the names and scores of the players in a specific group.  Confirm each player’s score with the Cart Driver/Scorer and update scores on the sign as play progresses for the entire round of 18 holes.  Shifts last as long as it takes to complete the round of golf.
    Requirements: Standard Bearers walk approximately 7 miles & work in two-person teams with one person at a time carrying the standard (standards weigh approx. 10-15 pounds)


  • MarshalAssist with minimizing the potential distractions caused by fans attending the tournament. Direct cart traffic in heavily congested areas or on blind approaches to a tee, fairway or green.
    Requirements: Standing for long periods of time and knowledge of golf etiquette
  • Driving Distance: Walk off the distance of each player’s drive (hash marks on the fairway) to the ball & record the information for each professional into an iPad/PDA.  Assist the Professionals by spotting balls and preventing outside agencies from interfering with play. Driving Distance holes will be selected by the Tour.
    Requirements: Standing for long periods of time, walking, ability to follow golf ball (good vision) and knowledge of golf etiquette
  • Spotter: Act as “forecaddies” or “advance scouts” by assisting the professionals in locating wayward golf shots.  Stationed near a fairway or a green, spotters watch each shot and help locate a ball in situations where the player may not have a clear view of the ball’s final resting position.
    Requirements: Standing for long periods of time, walking, ability to follow golf ball (good vision) and basic knowledge of golf.


  • Must be able to carry or push a bag weighing approximately 30 pounds over 18 holes and have excellent knowledge of golf etiquette. Familiarity with Brook-Lea Country Club is a benefit, but is not necessary. Must work with the same player over all 4 rounds of the competition.

HOSPITALITYDays vary with assignment

  • Player HospitalityResponsible for providing players with gift at time of player registration, player event schedule for tournament week, schedule of player menu and meals for the week, directions to complimentary workout facility location.
  • VIP ServicesResponsible for providing VIP services for the tournament’s corporate sponsors including shuttle service to/from VIP parking area, provide VIP guests with a schedule of their events for the week and ensure that the VIP guests receive a special level of treatment prior to and during tournament week. On tournament days:
    • Greet VIP Guests, Players, Media, Tournament Officials and Club House Pass holders.
    • Ensure that guests are aware of club house privileges available to them commensurate with their type of pass
    • Direct other tournament guests to their appropriate areas
    • Keep track of attendees entering Players Dining/Relaxing area as well as VIP Only Lounge
    • Assist house staff to ensure that food and beverage are replenished as needed
    • Volunteers assigned to the earliest shift may also be asked to assist with folding programs and other material for the day’s activities
      Requirements: Pleasant demeanor to all guests and ability to tactfully resolve access issues. When attending dining areas and access points, must be able to stand for one to two hours. Familiarity with the club house, course and general knowledge of daily activities will be provided as VIP team members are most easily available to answer to common questions.
  • Volunteer Services: Greet and register other volunteers, distribute shirts & hats the week prior to the tournament, distribute & collect radios, provide general information, and assist with food.
  • Food & Beverage: Ensure that all F&B needs are being met at their respective locations on property & shuttling volunteers to/from their assigned area.
  • Clubhouse Conditions: Decorations for welcome party, VIP area, Pro-Am events, players Party; dinners and lunches for Pro-Am.

Responsible for walk-up ticket sales, providing general tournament information at the Main Gate, and directing Player, Volunteer and Spectator parking.

  • Main GateGreet spectators, dispense tickets, and manage Will Call.
  • Parking/Gate AttendantDirect players, volunteers, and spectators to designated parking areas, monitor parking lots as they become full and redirect traffic as appropriate, and check parking passes. Overall coordination of traffic in the Clubhouse area.
  • Shuttleswork in the remote parking area to assist spectators getting on the buses, answer spectator questions.

EVENT LOGISTICS: Days vary with assignment

  • Course Conditions / Event Set-Up/Break-Down Committee: Assist tournament staff with mailings, goody bag stuffing, follow-up phone calls, area deliveries and pick- ups, office work, and signage/construction etc. Some setup and tear-down tasks require time before or after the tournament. Volunteers are scheduled as needed.  We will try to provide a minimum notice of 48 hours for any volunteer assignments prior to tournament week.
  • On Course Services:   Responsible for re-stocking coolers for the players, maintaining receptacles, and preserving the overall cleanliness of the golf course.  Requirements: Drivers must be at least 16 years old & have a license (or be assigned to assist a driver), be knowledgeable of golf etiquette; interact with fans & players; some lifting required.
  • Driving Range: Monitor driving range each day to ensure that range balls, club washing buckets/brushes, drinking water/cups are available and make sure hitting area has been moved each day.
  • Security:  Player security.