Mike Vadala – Tournament Chairman

Rochester, New York is a great golf city and has been known for hosting fantastic golf events for decades. A long time tradition that helped build that reputation has been the annual presence of a women’s professional golf tournament. The 38 year tradition of the LPGA visiting Rochester was in danger last year, until the membership of Brook-Lea Country Club, the LPGA Symetra Tour, and local not-for-profit Upstate Golf Charities joined forces to bring The Danielle Downey Credit Union Classic to Rochester to add another year to that string and it was a great success! In November, 2015 we were pleased to announce that The Danielle Downey Credit Union Classic will return to Brook-Lea, and that professional women’s golf will celebrate its 40th consecutive year in Rochester from July 11-17, 2016.

Our first year exceeded all expectations for the people and corporations who participated in the tournament. The feedback that we received was such that continuing the event was an easy decision. Consider the following comments that we received during and after the tournament.

Local Executive – “The best Pro-Am experience I have ever had at any level”
Fan/Attendee – “So much more personal than other golf viewing opportunities”
Professional – “Best tournament on tour, hands down,” and “best fans, best volunteers, the most fun”
LPGA staff – “Knowledgeable volunteers made it great; rarely a mistake made in any aspect”
Fan/Attendee – “Had never seen this golf course, but it is a gem”
High School Player who played in the Pro-Am – “The best day of my life”

On top of that kind of feedback, we know that our event was a wonderful tribute to Danielle Downey, Rochester’s most successful golfer, who had a vision to keep golf here indefinitely, and to help younger players and the community. Our inclusion of young high school players in the Monday Pro-Am continued her nine year effort to do so, and our partnership with the Hillside Work Scholarship Connection spread the word about the wonderful things they are doing to help young people not only graduate from high school, but pursue college and careers.

The talent of LPGA Symetra Tour players was evident in our field last year, as the event was won by Long Island’s Annie Park who went on to win rookie and player of the year honors for the tour, and the runner up Vicky Hurst, the former LPGA star who battled back from injuries. The field also featured 17-year-old Canadian Brooke Henderson who was 5th in the US Open, and the LPGA Championship, and won on the LPGA Tour by an astonishing 8 shots three weeks after our event! We also had Madison Pressel and Tessa Teachman in the field and many others who have had great success.

We know that you will love the LPGA Symetra Tour and The Danielle Downey Credit Union Classic. We want to be the best tournament and we hope that you will help us to that end. We are well on our way!

Mike Vadala – Tournament Chairman