The Foundation’s mission is to continue to support the Pluta Cancer Center, its patients and its team by providing the funds necessary to relieve the financial burdens that many cancer patients and their families face, expand and enhance our complimentary integrative oncology services as well as invest in the professional development of our caregivers who are at the front lines of patient care.

The emotional and financial costs of cancer can put an increased burden on patients and their families. Thanks to the generosity of our donors and support from our community, the Pluta Cancer Center Foundation is able to help with some of the many stresses associated with a cancer diagnosis.

This can include providing gas and grocery cards, assisting with the purchase of necessary medical equipment, helping to fund dental work or travel costs associated with clinical trials, and so much more. This also means supporting initiatives such as the poncho project and comfort bags, as well as funding programs offered at Pluta such as yoga and Tai Chi, which are free of charge to patients.


Learn more about the Foundation and its initiatives at (585) 486-0591 or

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