Symetra Tour golfers Madison Pressel and Katelyn Sepmoree visit with TV 13WHAM Good Day Rochester’s Jennifer Johnson and Doug Emblidge.

Jen J:  Continuing our conversation with LPGA golfers Katelyn Sepmore and Madison Pressel, and we’re talking about the Danielle Downey Classic which is going to be some announcements about it later today.  Also the tournament benefiting Hillside and you all will be going over there tomorrow, won’t you?

Madison P:  Yeah, it’s awesome.  We’re going to be able to meet with some of the girls over there who are athletes so we are going to be able to talk to them about how both of us, we’re actually college teammates at the University of Texas so we’re going to be able to talk to them about what it took kind of to get to the college level and then continue on to the pro level.

Doug E:  Talk about the game, I mean people who are golfers understand how difficult the game is to master.  In fact, you never master it, the razor-thin line between succeeding as a touring pro and not.  It really is a matter of just tiny percentage points, isn’t it? which I’m sure you can’t be thinking about when you’re playing but to succeed in pro golf on either the men’s or women’s side is a huge accomplishment.

Madison P:  Thanks, yeah!

Doug E:  Well, it is, and to get to the Symetra Tour alone is a huge accomplishment.  It puts you in the top, you know, 1/10 of 1% in the world.  What is it about the game that you still love even though it’s work for you?

Madison P:  For me I think like you said, it’s everyday it’s kind of different.  And you don’t necessarily come up with your A-game every day and it’s a constant battle to be the best you can be and it’s only you.  For me, it being and individual sport and all the responsibility is on me so I’m responsible.  If I practice, I put in my time and I do what I need to do, I know I’m going to get the results.  But it’s such a mental game too which I’ve gone pretty good at.  So I’m able to calm myself down and be who I need to be on the golf course.

Doug E:  It’s caused me some mental problems.  Katelyn, what about you?

Katelyn S:  You know, I really enjoy the fact like you said, you don’t ever really master it but it’s that want to, just you know, where can I get better and it’s challenging.  It’s one of the challenging sports I’ve ever played in.  I just look, you know, it’s like how good can I be and what shots can I pull off, which shots.  It’s a constant learning career for me and that’s what I really – it’s never, it’s never a stagnant line.  It’s always all right, we’re taking jumps today and – so that’s what I enjoy because it’s not, you know, get on the golf course and it’s a completely different day every day.

Jen J:  I’m the mom of little girls and married to a golf fanatic, so I’m so curious at what age did you both start playing?

Katelyn S:  I was five when I started playing.  I had little plastic clubs.

Madison P:  Yeah, I had plastic clubs when I was about seven.  When I was about 11, when I was 12 I started playing like real golf, competitive.  But the earlier you can get those girls started, the better.  Just get them a ball  and at least, you know, they can go out with their dad and everything and it was such a great – I would go out with my grandpa and that, you know, after school I would go out with him so it’s just such a great bonding experience that when kids grow up, you don’t – you kind of lose because they want to hang out with their friends but if you get them involved in a sport that both of you love, it’s such a great place to be.

Jen J:  I want to sit with my dad or something and hang out with your family.  Do something with the Pressel family.

Doug E:  Looking forward to having you back here in July and enjoy your trip to Hillside too because you kind of get a sense of what the whole event is all about when you go see the kids there.

Madison P:  Yeah, it should be great.

Doug E:  Yeah.

Jen J:  Great!  I’ll bring the information up about the Danielle Downey Classic on our website as well if you want some more information.  Ladies, thanks for coming in, yes, more when you come back!